The Lambda Dock for iPhones

Smartphones come and go. The Lambda is designed to stay

Function, Design and Material. The Lambda-dock can be used for all iPhones of Gen 5 and 6 (lightning connector) even with protective cases without compromises in design and material.


Through the unique mechanic it is possible to adapt the position of the rear-wall and plug depth to the particular model and the used protective skin. This universal applicability allows the usage of natural and premium materials. It creates an appealing contrast to the increasing speed of smartphone-generations.

The design combines the clear design-language in the tradition of the Bauhaus-design and classic scandinavian elements.

Firmed up by the fixed rear-wall all touch-actions can by done when docked. The inclination enables convenient view on the screen and even facetime.


The lambda is compatible with any iPhone of Gen 5 and 6. It has been tested with original lightning cables.

The constantly increasing Gallery of user-photos illustrates the versatility of the Lambda dock.


Check out the product-video!


The Lambda dock is made of massive oak-wood and is finished with tung-oil. Each dock is unique and can vary in pattern and grain.

Width: 8,0 cm (3.15 inch)
Height: ca 10,5 cm (4.13 inch)
Depth: 8,6 cm (3.39 inch)

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