The base of the Lambda Dock - the Docking station for BoxMods

The Lambda-Dock for Smartphones can also be used as a dock or BoxMods with a connector at the base-plate.
The usb-plug is fixed to the base with the proven lambda-mechanic. The USB cable is not supplied


The Lambda base is compatible with BoxMods with a connector at the base-plate (e.g. eLeaf mini iStick or JWell Troca).



The Lambda is made of massive oak-wood and is finished with tung-oil. Each dock is unique and can vary in pattern and grain.

Width: 8,0 cm (3.15 inch)
Height: ca 4,5 cm
Depth: 8,6 cm (3.39 inch)

Where to buy?

It is currently sold at my etsy store. If it is out there, don't hesitate to give me a note!
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